Meet Donna

I have many passions, but the biggest one I have is for people – or rather, taking photographs of people, capturing each person’s individuality. No one is the same, and I want to show that in each and every shot. Photographs help memories stay alive forever, tell stories, and reflect who people are.

That’s who I am behind the camera. When I’m holding a camera, I’m a million things:

  • I wear my children’s discarded clothes.
  • I am what my father calls a “health freak”: I enjoy raw, healthy foods and trying new recipes. I happily irritate people with my lessons on healthy living. In college, I carried around a thick book on health because I wanted to, not because it was required reading.
  • People say they meditate while doing yoga, Not me; I pray and mediate when I jog.
  • I hate reading instruction manuals. Of course, they’ll save my time, but I like to try things on my own (in other words, I can be stubborn), before I give in.
  • I am the wife of a wonderful man who was promoted to Papa with the birth of our grandchild. Our two adult children have allowed me to be blessed with the title of Grandma (pssst…that photo of me on the right? Taken by my granddaughter, age 2). My family is my world, so I take a lot of photographs of them whether they like it or not.
  • Lysa Terkeurst is someone I admire greatly for her wisdom and her distinctive words in encouraging people to embrace their lives.
  • Humanity is what I cherish. Every soul. Ever mind. Every heart. Each is so different, yet equally vital to humankind.
  • God is the center of my life. I thank Jesus for saving our lives, and His teachings are more than simply genius.

I have shared both personal and professional photographs on this website, because I consider photography both a business endeavor and a personal hobby. Photography has been my love all of my life, so why not?

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